My 2022 shopping intentions

Setting intentions is a really useful tool to help you create habits and behaviours that you want to adopt long-term. When it comes to shopping, as I’ve gotten older my approach has changed. Despite the fact that I probably spend a lot more time browsing, I purchase much less than I used to. I also put quality over quantity and focus on buying versatile pieces that will last for years to come.

Over the past few years, my main intention has been to build a wardrobe of smart casual items that are suitable for work and play. I like wearing a blouse, trousers, and a handbag for work, dinner, drinks, shopping etc. I’ve found it to be the perfect combination that I can add different types of footwear and outerwear to depending on the occasion to dress the look up or down.

I began 2022 reflecting on what I bought for the previous year and thinking about my closet still needed. I won’t be doing a no-spend year or only shopping second hand for 2022 but I do want to be very intentional about what I buy. I wrote down a few key points for how I want to shop this year. This post is something I can come back to, serving as a reminder of the kind of consumer I’d like to be.

To buy more from independent, smaller, local, and black-owned brands

I find this easy to do when it comes to things like hair products, skincare, nail varnish and makeup but struggle when it comes to clothes, shoes and bags. I don’t have a particularly niche style but the brands I’ve come across are either out of my budget or don’t align with the way I like to dress. For example, I don’t wear tight dresses or tight clothing in general and I prefer darker colours to bright, pastel or contrasting colours.

To avoid regularly decluttering

Regularly decluttering means you’re buying things that you don’t need and keep having to get rid of them. As much as decluttering gets rid of what you aren’t making use of, my intention is to get to the point where I shop so well that I make use of everything that I buy and decide to keep. Regular decluttering can also mean that you’re buying poor quality items that don’t last more than a few months, something I have no interest in participating in.

To not get rid of anything I purchase in 2022

In previous years, I’ve ended up getting rid of things within the same year I’d bought them because they were low quality or even though I liked the item, it wasn’t really my style. This year I want to make sure that when I choose to buy and keep something, I’m thinking about it long term in the years to come and not just for a season.

To track all new purchases

This is something I never thought to do but when easypeasysustainability shared all her 2021 purchases on instagram, I decided it was something I wanted to adopt for 2022. I think it will help me become more mindful of what I’m buying and how much I’m spending. I may share updates of this every quarter or perhaps just at the end of the year. 

To get more wear out of my least worn items

For me there is a very clear difference between clothes I don’t wear and should get rid of and clothes that I don’t wear often because they’re a little more dressed up than my everyday style. I’ve become much better at shopping for things I will make use of but I still find that I don’t get as much wear out of my dresses and skirts than I’d like to. I want to focus on getting more use out of what i already have instead of adding more of these items to my wardrobe.

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