Practical gifts

Over the past month or so I’ve bought myself a few things that would have worked really well as gifts. The items I purchased were sort of like early Christmas presents to myself. They were things that I wanted but I also knew I would get good use out of them.

I bought Seth Godins latest book, The Practice and I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s a book that I will re-read or refer back to time and time again.

I purchased 2 kits (each of which includes a lipstick, lip liner and nail polish) from a brand called Emolyne Cosmetics in the shades Morocco and Asmara. I really like the quality of the lipsticks, I wore one recently and it lasted right through the day without needing to be topped up.

Lastly, I got myself a bunch of rings that I’d wanted for a while. Since I bought them, I’ve been wearing at least 5 rings at a time. I have a few plain thin silver rings and then a silver one with a small moonstone on it. I also bought a tiny signet ring which is at least 1 size too small but I manage to fit it on my little finger.

As the gifts I’d bought myself started to arrive, I found myself thinking about how we sometimes end up being gifted things we don’t have use for or don’t really need.

I can remember growing up, the majority of what I received was very practical but at the time I just wanted things that were fun. Fast forward to now, I’d rather be given nothing at all than be given something that isn’t practical or useful.

There’s nothing worse than being given clothes you won’t wear, books you don’t want to read, beauty products in colours you don’t like, skincare that isn’t suitable for your skin type, wine glasses when you already have more than enough, gold earrings when you only wear silver, an ornament you have nowhere to put, a plant you don’t want to care for or a perfume that is fresh instead of floral.

And obviously the whole point of buying a gift for someone is that you should buy something you know (or at least think) they will like but that still doesn’t mean they will make use of it.

Furthermore, when you are trying to live more with less, be a thoughtful consumer and only bring things into your space that you have use for, what you consider a good gift might become very specific.

The kinds of gifts I like are things that are useful like bath and body products or are small more thoughtful things like a book on a topic I’m interested in or my favourite sweets/chocolates.

I like being given things I know that I will use even when they are simple or inexpensive. However, I think it is important to remember that what is considered to be useful or practical will differ from person to person.

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