Becoming a more thoughtful consumer

Over the past year or so I’ve transitioned this blog to focus on shopping, habits and consumerism. I did it because after years and years of blogging I realised that I did in fact want to write about style/fashion.

However, I didn’t want to do it in the ways that I had often seen it being done.

As much as I enjoy taking photos, putting together outfits etc. I’ve always loved the writing part more. It’s something I’ve always done even before I started blogging. In the past I’ve done outfit posts but I feel like the content I post now is the evolution that I had been resisting. I’m much happier sharing brands I think are worth supporting and writing about how I’m shifting my shopping habits.

This now brings me to the topic of consumerism.

It’s taken me a while to realise this but my goal with this blog is to promote thoughtful consumerism. I think it would be unreasonable to dismiss the positive impact that the things we buy have on our lives. It could be a bag but it could also be a book or a plant.

I don’t think it’s realistic to say that we should all only buy what we need or only buy second hand. I don’t even think shopping from sustainable brands is realisitic for everyone as many of them are dominated by billowing smock dresses that don’t align with the personal style of those shopping from high street stores or fast fashion brands.

For me, the idea of being more thoughtful means:

  • Not buying clothes if I don’t know when or where I plan to wear them.
  • Putting off ordering a bunch of dresses because upon reflection I don’t need them. I already have plenty of dresses in my closet, a handful of which have never been worn.
  • Returning a top that is cute but won’t last more than a year because the quality is poor.
  • Thinking about how I’ll style something with what’s already in my closet before I make the purchase instead of just buying it because I like it.

These things might seem simple (they are!) but they’re also things I never really considered a couple of years ago.

Some of these ideas overlap with labels such as minimalism or slow fashion. However, I don’t really align with those and trying to would feel restrictive. I’m happy positioning myself in this space of being more thoughtful about the purchases I make.

It has been a natural progression from my previous years of blogging that still gives me space to experiment and explore whilst creating content that I’m proud of.

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