4 signs you don’t need more stuff

When shopping for something new it can be easy to get carried away and spend money on things you like but don’t need or have space for. A few months ago, I found myself with 5 sets of skincare products plus various travel sized and sample products. I realised that I’d made the mistake of buying things I wanted but didn’t need. Instead of making several purchases in a short period of time I could have spaced them out and ensured I had no more than 2 or 3 sets of products at once.

Similarly, with other items I own, I find that I make the mistake of buying more when I don’t actually need more stuff.

Five sets of skincare products may seem like a small amount to some however, I am currently working on being more mindful about the purchases I make and be more conscious of what I am choosing to fill my space with.

After reflecting on my own shopping habits, I got thinking about some of the signs that you don’t need more stuff.

You have multiple versions of the same thing

I think this is one of the easiest ways to accumulate more than you need. There is nothing wrong with having backups of your favourite clothing or products but if you have half a dozen of the same thing, you don’t need more. You could have 3 almost identical pairs of blue jeans and find yourself shopping more.

However, if you take a moment to stop and think you’ll probably find that you’re shopping for the sake of it rather than feeling like you need a fourth pair.

Your space feels cluttered

I have a small bookshelf and a love of books. It’s gotten to the point where the shelf is full and new books end up stacked on the floor until I can find somewhere to put them. If you’re space already feels full, adding more will only make your space feel more cluttered.

Similarly to with my books, it’s gotten to the point with beauty products where because I’m so keen to try out new things I’m buying things I don’t have space for. I got to the point where my product draw was full to the brim and so was the box of products under my bed.

You don’t have a place for everything

There’s that popular phrase that goes something like ‘a place for everything and for everything there’s a place’. The ideas of every item in your home having a specific place in which it belongs is simple yet revolutionary.

It’s really changed the way I think about purchasing new items. I’ve realised that I had developed a habit of never fully packing things away. I used to think it was because I was some sort of wild artist who needed the chaos of stuff.

In reality, I just didn’t have a place for things, so it was easier to leave them out than find somewhere to put them. Not having a space for everything eventually leads to a cluttered space.

You get bored of purchases quickly

One of the causes of shopping excessively is the feeling we get. It feels so good that we feel compelled to buy more just to get another hit. The problem with this habit is that you end up bored of your purchases because that feeling you get goes away shortly after you have the item.

I used to regularly buy lipsticks and cheap clothes because it felt good. I didn’t wear lipstick enough to finish any of them and I ended up with colours I never wore. Similarly, with the clothes I was buying, it felt great making the purchases but then the items just took up space in my closet.

After around 6-12 months I’d have only work the item a handful of times (and sometimes not at all) but I’d end up getting rid of it. There is nothing wrong with buying something that makes you feel good. However, it’s important to ensure you’ll actually make use of the item rather than shopping to fill a void.

Do you have a habit of buying much more than you need?

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