Getting more intentional with Instagram

This idea came about after I started looking at how much time I spend on Instagram each day and found myself unpleasantly surprised.

I decided that I wanted to be a little more intentional instead of just opening the app and letting time pass me by.

Set yourself time limits

Check how much time you’re spending on Instagram each day and set a realistic time limit. For example if you usually spend 2 hours, set a 1.5 hour limit. It wont be helpful to suddenly limit your 4 hours per day to an hour so try decreasing your time bit by but to help make things easier

Use the app at set times each day

Perhaps it’s during lunchtime or on your train journey home. One you only assign certain times of day for social media you’ll start to get into the habit of being more intentional every time you go on there

Write weekly goals

Each week write a list of things you want to do and be specific if you can. Things like post 4 pictures to your feed, post on your insta stories each day or reply to comments. Give yourself specific a reason to go on the app to avoid mindlessly scrolling

How do you use Instagram?

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