What I focus on when buying new clothes

I’m not a sustainable or ethical fashion blogger but I do think it is important to be aware of how I shop and what I’m buying.

I believe in buying clothes that will last, having closet of clothes I wear regularly and being willing to pay more for better quality.

I’ve grown up with a keen interest in textiles, fashion and knowing where clothes are made. When I shop for clothes, I read the label and look at the quality of the garment because I’m not interested in buying items where the appearance will diminish after a handful of wears or washes.

I think for me, it’s also about the story I tell myself about what I wear. It used to be about being able to have a closet full of fun clothes that I spent a minimal amount on.

However adult me, a young woman in her twenties is focused on having a closet full of good quality clothing that will last that suit my needs.

I want a closet full of clothing that I can easily mix and match where the items are suitable for work and play.

When it comes to personal style I know myself much more than I used to. Cropped trousers with a button down blouse or over-sized shirt is probably my favourite outfit combination and I’ll wear it anywhere – for work, dinner, drinks etc

And since I discovered that I’ve realised that I should be more willing to invest much more in those items that I wear the most.

One thing I want to make clear is that I’m not saying that we should all ditch the high street. I just think that we should shop more mindfully and be more considerate of the purchases we make.

A couple of years ago, I bought shoes for work for £60 to replace some cheap and slightly uncomfortable ones that were about £15. It’s interesting to think that I was once willing to put low cost above comfort, I’m now in a place where I am not just looking for the cheapest option.

When I bought the more expensive shoes I wasn’t looking for a sustainable and ethical brand I was simply looking for something well made that would last.

It’s that mentality that I think will cause a major shift in our shopping habits.

When the focus is on cheap, trendy and temporary, that’s when you make poor purchases.

When I would search for tops on a popular Swedish retailer. I’d sort the items low to high, eager to find as many items I liked for as little cost as possible.

When they arrived I felt as though I’d won because I’d gotten a top for £2.79 instead of £8.99 when in reality I had lost because even though the items were on sale, I had spent my money on clothing that wouldn’t last a year.

These days I shop very differently. For a start I’m not looking for the cheapest possible option. I’ve also been researching ethical and sustainable fashion brands that are affordable for me.

I much prefer the idea of paying £90 for a dress that was made to last from a company that focuses sustainability than spend £25 on a trend focused high street garment that I probably won’t want 12 months from now.

I’m focused on filling my closet with pieces I’ll be interested in long-term. That shift in focus has resulted in me shopping less and being more considerate about what I add to my closet.

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