The WBG Christmas Gift Guide 2019

In all my years of blogging I’m not sure I’ve ever written gift guide. I think the main reason was because it didn’t really align with the kind of content I used to share but also because from my mid-teens to early 20s I lost interest in Christmas. 

However, this year something has changed, things feel different and I’m much more willing to embrace the festive season.

In todays post I’m sharing a sort of gift guide of a few I already own that I think would make good presents. All the items featured are things I have paid for myself that I regularly use. All the items featured are under £50 which I think makes them fairly affordable.

Wooden Compartment Box, The works – £3.00

I bought this a few years ago and I use it to store my earrings and rings but it would also work well for craft supplies. As the box is plain you could stain or paint so it’s customised for whoever you’re buying it for or you could leave it for them to do. 

For me this is the perfect example of a practical and thoughtful gift that anyone can afford. The works have a whole range of wooden boxes starting at just £1.50 as well as MDF letters that I think would also be perfect as gifts.

Roll-on Infused Oil, Bloomtown – £5.70

I’ve been buying these oils for a couple of years now and I adore them. They come in the 6 Bloomtown signature scents, 5 of which I have tried.

For the most part I use these oils an alternative to perfume but I use ‘The Meadow’ (Lavender and Rose Geranium) oil before bed. I find the scent so soothing which is just what I want before I fall into slumber.

The New Fashion Rules, Amazon – £ Price varies

I think that books make excellent gifts. They’re thoughtful, affordable and sometimes even life-changing. There are a whole range of fashion books out there but this is just one that I own.

It would make a great coffee table book or a photo prop for all the flatlay fanatics out there. At the time of writing this The New Fashion Rules is on sale for £6.75 on Amazon which is way below the RRP of £16.99 and worth taking advantage of.

Stabilo Fineliners, Wilko – £5.00

These pens are good for anyone that writes are draws but would also be great for people that bullet journal (you could even pair the pens with a journal which I think would make a truly thoughtful gift).

I’ve only featured a few colours but it comes in a pack of 10 which I think is good value considering the quality of the pens (I’ve tried cheaper fineliners in the past). I use my fineliners in my weekly journal and after a couple of years they still work just as well as when I first purchased them.

Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Liz Earle – £27.00

After hearing good things about this product for years I finally decided to give it a go and this product is definitely something I’ll re-purchase.

The main thing with buying skincare is to know the persons skin type, however, if you know someone who uses Liz Earle products already then this would make a nice gift. It costs £27.00 for a 200ml cleanser but they also have smaller sizes starting at £7.

I’d recommend the gift section of the website as when I made my order, I paid £49 for a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and 2 cotton cloths but they also added in 3 extra products so the total value was over £100.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish, Fragrance Direct – £ price varies

Painting my nails is something I find incredibly relaxing. I know a lot of people get their nails done at a salon but if you know someone that still paints their own, why not gift them a few extra colours?

Fragrance direct is a great place to shop for discounted beauty products. The brands they stock range from cheap and cheerful to hide end. This includes: Dermalogica, Urban Veda, Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, L’Occitane and so many more.

I think I bought my nail polishes for 3 for £5 which is an absolute bargain considering that they retail for a £8+ each.

Olu Earrings, Omalola Jewellry – £20

I adore these earrings and think that jewellery is such a thoughtful gift. These are the kinds of earrings that make a statement which is just what I love about them. Omolola Jewellery is also a UK based and black owned.

The website has a whole range of different styles so you’re bound to find at least a few pairs for whoever you’re shopping for.

Aside from earrings they sell necklaces and bracelets too. For me the range they sell is just as good as what you can get on the Highstreet with the addition of some west African inspired pieces.

Blue Clay Mask, Bloomtown – £14

I think the first time I shopped at Bloomtown was to buy a gift for my sister and that was a few years ago. My favourite things about this mask are that a little goes a long way but also how good my skin feels when I wash it off.

Bloomtown is the perfect place to shop for anyone that is vegan or has an interest in shopping ethically as Bloomtown is vegan, Palm-oil free and doesn’t test on animals.

National Art Pass, ArtFund – £45 (Under 30)

Artfund supports museums and galleries with funding through donations and annual memberships. I adore art and randomly came across an advert for the National Art Pass in the Stylist magazine 2 years ago. The pass gets you free, reduced entry or discounts in participating galleries, museums and exhibitions.

Aside from that you also get sent the Art Quarterly magazine 4 times a year and an annual guide book with details of the 700 venues across the UK where you can use your card.

This is quite a niche gift but for someone with an existing interest in Art and History it’s a great option. It’s also nice that it lasts for a whole 12 months so it isn’t just a gift with a one off use. 

They have a variety of membership options so you could buy one for a couple or for a whole family.

And so that is the end of my gift guide. You might have noticed the running theme is things that are thoughtful and practical which for me count for much more than the price tag.

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