Almocado hair products and Buying Black

As mentioned in a previous post, these days when I shop I’m not just picking up whatever is on the high street. I make a conscious effort to support smaller businesses and black owned businesses.

So when I was looking to purchase some new hair products instead of just going to the usual high street hair shops I browsed the hair brands on Jamii.

Jamii is a website where can purchase a card that offers discounts across a variety of Black British businesses from hair and food to clothing and home-ware.

Their mission is:

to impact habits & behaviours, getting people thinking about the incredible businesses within the community whenever you shop.

After checking out the Jamii website I purchased a card. A couple of weeks later when I needed to buy some new hair products I headed to the Jamii site, browsed through the list of hair brands eventually chose Almocado.

Almocado is a family owned business; creating handcrafted artisan products designed with curls, kinks and coils in mind; formulated to nurture, nourish, pamper and protect.

The products ordered were:

Stage 1 Peppermint Tea Tree – Shampoo (250ml) £14.50

Peppermint Tea Organic Oil Blend £12.99

Peppermint, Tea Tree – Moisture Mist £12.00

Twist & Twirl ButterCream £8.99

Coconut & Castor Oil Conditioner (Triple Whipped) 500g £15.00

I’ve bought much cheaper products from hair shops before and to some people the prices might seem expensive. However, I’ve found as I get older, I’m happy spending more when the business is black owned and the products are hand made as that makes them a little more special.

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