The FDC Young Designer Awards 2019

On Saturday 20th July I attended the FDC Young Designer Awards 2019 which was held at the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham. The event was for emerging designers to showcase their creations alongside raising awareness for Angelman Syndrome.

Angelman Syndrome is a neuro-genetic condition that causes severe physical and intellectual disability

I was invited to the event to interview some of the designers and find out more about them alongside the garments they had designed.

Emerging Designers Parade

Sophie Williams @sophs_knitwear_

Sophie Williams is a 1st year student at the Winchester School of Art who specialises in knitwear and has had an interest in fashion from a young age. She created an outfit inspired by Van Goghs Starry Night and used beading to emphasise the stars.

It was fascinating to hear about the process of how she got from Van Goghs painting to her own creation by deconstructing his art and creating her own pattern.

When we spoke about future plans Sophie said that when she finishes her degree she wants to help a company develop their knitwear.

Mya Subong

Mya Subong is a Fashion Design student at BCU. Myas dress was inspired by Gustav Klint and Emille Flage. As someone who enjoys experimenting, she found an innovative way to incorporate both artist into her final design by creating a dress made of 2 patterns (that she designed herself) that could be untied. It was fascinating to watch one beautiful dress transform into another, it felt like art.

She has a menswear internship coming up and has plans to go into production in the future as she enjoys putting things together.

Sareema Khan @ardour_london

Sareema created a beautiful dress inspired by Monet. She incorporated floral prints and textile manipulation into her final creation. It was interesting to hear her speak about how she designed her garment the way she did.

You could tell she had done thorough research when she explained that she used specific colours to represent how Monet saw the world which I thought was pretty cool.

Samantha Holden

Samantha created a few different outfits that were inspired by women in the Sheffield steel industry. It was really interesting to see her outfits and understand where the shapes, fabric choices and colours used had come from.

Marie Sansom @marie.sansome

Marie Sansom is a fashion designer based in Leicester. She created a mini collection of three dresses in black, cream and purple. Maries designs featured puffy sleeves and skirts. The cream dress stood out with it’s train but it was interesting to watch how all the dresses moved as the models walked and posed.

Collections Presentation

Sarah O’Rourke @saradendesigns

Sarah is a Milliner who founded Saraden Designs in 2016. She creates her own custom fabrics and each piece is sculpted without the use of Millinery blocks so every piece has a unique shape.

Sarah created an 8 piece Millinery collection based around the theme of Oceanic Nature. She researched Oceanic and Nature separately gaining inspiration from movements of the sea, elements below the water alongside the colours that they share- blues, greens and greys.

Each piece was sculpted and shaped by hand. Sarah created simple bespoke dresses in grey velvet to compliment her designs.

Samantha Shaw @today.yesterday.tomorrow

Samantha Shaws brand TYT (Today Yesterday Tomorrow) began in 2015. After spending years as a stylist and doing styling work for different companies she began altering items to fit during photo shoots and bringing key pieces to shoots, eventually she decided to start her own brand.

Overall as a brand TYT aim to create timeless pieces that are sustainable and ethically sourced. TYT showcased a skate wear inspired collection, the idea was sparked by a member of the TYT team who was into skating. It began with buying an altering men’s skate wear and took off from there.

After all the designers had presented, me alongside the other bloggers discussed who our favorites were and picked a winner for the emerging designer award. The winner was Mya Subong as we all thought her dress was very creative and unlike anything we’d seen before.

To learn more about the FDC Young Designer Awards you can check out their website or social media @fdcyda

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