How I’m finally finding my niche after many years of blogging

I think I’m finally sick of calling myself a lifestyle blogger.

Calling myself a lifestyle blogger was always a bit of a cop but I did it because it was the easier than explaining what I actually posted about. In the 7 years that I’ve been blogging (yes, it really has been that long) I’ve posted all kinds of things from poems to nail art and outfits to diary style posts. I feel like lifestyle blogger was the label you gave yourself if you didn’t just post about one topic.

Anytime I tried to explain what I blogged about I just ended up saying something like ‘I just sort of write about life and different stuff…’

The reason why the title of lifestyle blogger never quite fit was because I was writing almost diary style posts documenting my thoughts and feelings in quite a personal way with a bunch of other topics thrown in.

Part of the reason I always struggled to find a niche was becuase I didn’t want to be restricted with what I put out.

However over the past few months I’ve learnt that blogging is actually much easier when you just focus on a few topics rather than trying to do a bit of everything.

I currently have 4 categories: Blogging, Shopping, Fashion and Career. When it comes to planning content I have a better sense of direction with what I want to write about.

Granted my categories don’t fit a niche specifically but what I am doing is creating content in these 4 areas based around my own lifestyle.

From the perspective of a reader a lifestyle blog is a broad niche and some may say too broad. Some examples of more honed in niches are sustainable living, luxury lifestyle and budget beauty.

Over the last few months of posting within 4 categories (and being more consistent than I have been for a while) I’ve gotten a good indication of which categories are my strongest and how I can hone in my content even more. I’ve found that I have the most ideas for the shopping category that aren’t just limited to outfit posts and wish lists.

I think instead of trying to your exact niche, focus on what you enjoy blogging about and go from there.

I suppose I think that if you can’t find an exact niche then give yourself 3-5 topics that you want to post about and create all your content within them.

Over the next few months I plan to make some slight changes to my categories. The more I post the more I realise exactly what it is that I truly want to blog about.

So, I might not have a niche right now but I’m getting there.

‘How did you find your blogging niche and do you think it’s important?’

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