Blogging: Evolving, adapting and falling behind

A while back I read a couple of articles one from The Little Plum and the other from Gary Vee. These posts both got me thinking not just about blogging as a whole but more about my space online in the blogging world specifically.

On The Little Plum, the bit that really got me was when she compared the way blogging has changed to in the past when emails replaced letters and then texts replaced emails.

I’d never really thought about the changes to blogging as a technology shift as in the grand scheme blogging isn’t that old.

Up until a few years ago blogging seemed to be on the rise, growing and growing. But for a lot of people that shared beauty, fashion, travel and food content where the focus of the content is the visuals having a blog isn’t a necessity like it once was.

Instead blogging plays a secondary (or non-existent) role and it’s social media, particularly Instagram that is at the forefront.

I have to admit that despite my blog not being more about the writing than the visuals, I’m more likely to post on insta-stories than publish a blog post.

I guess in some ways I’m drawn to the easy-ness of instagram. It takes much less time than blogging and allows me to put regularly put out content with the option of using words, video, music and images.

Garys post was a good few years old but it mirrored posts I’ve read more recently which just shows how much he’s ahead of the curve. He wrote about how social media platforms are also blogging platforms, in their own way.

He wrote about the importance of having of still having your own site and of using social media as a tool to bring people in, connect and lead them to your site.

I’m not great at social media but I do need to learn to use it in a way that is more beneficial. I consume more than I post and I often find myself stuck on what to share.

I have just over 100 followers on Instagram and I guess I get caught up in whether or not they all care about what I want to post. When instead I should be focusing on the people that do care.

When your following is small it can feel like you’re talking into a void and that nobody is interested which makes sharing things regularly seem like a waste.

When it feels like I’m talking and nobody is listening although it’s much less awkward online than in person the feeling is still the same.

Some of the main thoughts I’ve been having about the online content creator world is that things will continue as they been going with constant evolution and change.

As someone who doesn’t make an income from sharing online I don’t feel obliged to adapt. However I understand that by not going with the flow of evolution, I’m at risk of falling behind.

I’ve always loved to write which is one of the main things that drew me to blogging many years ago. But looking back on my blogging journey (this site is not my first) I can clearly see that I did fall behind and I think by the time I realised I felt like it was too late to catch up.

When I started this blog almost 2 years ago I was all over the place. I posted inconsistently and their was no real common thread with the content that I was sharing.

But 5 months ago I started to put more thought into Words By Gemm and my overall vision for this site has gotten clearer since. Slowly but surely, drip by drip I’m building up my content and creating the online space that I’ve always wanted.

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