The plastic bag alternative

From left to right:

The first bag was from a hair event at the (no longer existing) Google Digital Garage in Birmingham.

Next we have a bag from the Clean Kilo (a zero waste, plastic free supermarket). I got the bag when I donated to their crowdfunder as I thought it was a great idea.

Last but by no means least is a bag I received as a gift from ideas brum in exchange for a blog post.

It’s been a few years since they started charging 5p for plastic bags.  I don’t mind paying 5p if the bag can be reused. However, I once had a plastic bag practically fall apart on my walk home.

I’ve always re-used plastic bags but at the end of the day I know that there are better options out there that are more sustainable.

Introducing the plastic bag alternative.

The great thing about these kinds of bags is that you can buy them plain and customise them with hand embroidery, patches and badges etc.

Take them with you shopping as a main bag or pop in your handbag and take it out if or when needed.

After doing a little research it turns out that these reusable totes might not be as good for the environment as we think.

But it’s more complicated than one material simply being better than the others, many factors have to be taken into account. Cotton growing requires a lot of water and it turns out reusable bags are only worth it if we actually reuse them.

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