Why I shop second hand and 4 reasons you should try it

I’ve been shopping second hand for over 5 years now and when I started it had nothing to do with sustainability. I was a teenager who wanted to find interesting clothes that not everyone else was wearing but I didn’t have a lot of money.

I’m the past I’d been put off at the thought of wearing other people’s old clothes but these days that thought rarely crosses my mind.

In terms of second hand I mostly shop in charity shops but have previously attended vintage kilo sales. My most recent discovery was a shop called Thrift in Manchester located on 39 Parker St, they had so much good stuff.

When I shop second hand I look for blouses, shirts and jackets the most. I find that trousers can be a little more difficult because of the sizing. However with tops it’s much easier to estimate what will fit and if it’s a little big, it can just be styled as oversized. 

Since shopping second hand I’ve noticed that my style has changed. I don’t dress in trend focused high street outfits. In fact my style is very untrendy and not stylish in the slightest. I focus a lot more on what is easy to style, comfortable to wear and practical.

I know that some people are put off by the fact that in second hand shops it takes more effort to find things, they don’t want to wear peoples old clothes or they prefer Selfridges over St Johns ambulance, I get it. However, there are so many benefits to shopping second hand which is why I continue to do it.

Spend less, get more

I recently bought 2 hand bags and a purse for under £10. One of the bags was originally from Marks and Spencer and it shows little to no wear. If I bought these 3 items full price I’d have had to spend at least 4 times as much. As someone that loves to shop, charity shopping enables me to get more for my money. I have more money to spend now than I did growing up but if I can buy a dress for £7 instead of £37, I’m happy. 

Money for charity

From cancer to skin and heart conditions. There’s something charity shop out there for everything and added bonus of shopping in these shops is that you’re also supporting great causes.

Good quality, low price

I recently bought a couple of silk tops for around 4 or 5 pounds and they’re both great quality. I’d have had to spend £50+ to get the same kinds of items from a high street store. I once bought a pair of jeans originally from Marks and Spencers for £1 and they were in perfect condition. One of my most worn items is a navy blue oversized shirt and I’ve pretty much worn it almost weekly for at least 4 years, the colour is still intact and the material hasn’t gone bobbly. That particular item cost me about £6.

Try trends without investing 

Instead of purchasing a new trend piece, how about buying it second hand. That way when the trend is over and you’ve moved on you can donate the item back to charity.

Have you ever shopped second hand?

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