How I stay inspired to create content?

A little known fact is that I’ve been blogging for over 7 years. In that time I’ve published probably close to 1000 blog posts.

And even though I’ve taken breaks and haven’t always remained consistent I don’t think there has ever been a time I didn’t have an idea for a blog post. Around a week ago I wrote titles for over 25 blog posts to go in my shopping category.

But it’s not just about having ideas, its about having a zest for creating and sharing my work.

I get inspired easily which I suppose makes me lucky. I can take a walk, listen to music or a podacast, watch a movie or tv show, browse photos on pinterest, wander through an art gallery, read a book or just sit outside on a warm day.

I work in a way that means I’ll never not have any ideas for what to put out so even if I’m having a day where I don’t feel particularly inspired, I’m likely to have a half-written post on my phone or laptop.

Creating is something that I have always enjoyed and over the past few months I’ve found myself inspired in a fresh new way and that is a result of committing to consistency.

As a result of that I have to stay inspired because I have to have something to share every week. I’d never post something I hated for the sake of consistency, but I’ve found that even if I’m finding the creative process more challenging I’m still able to come up with something I’m happy to share.

I love being able to create, it’s hard to put into words. I’m inspired to create simply by the fact that I can. I can experiment with taking photos and my style of writing in order to showcase a product or get an idea across to a reader.

I think it’s also important to create content in a way that suits you. For me it involves regular planning and sometimes scheduling things in advance so that I can take time off from my blog and tend to other aspects of my life that will in return fuel my inspiration when it’s time for me to create again.

We also often get caught in thinking inspiration will be this big extravagant thing when in reality (for me anyway) the inspiration often comes after I’ve started creating, not before.

In summary my advice to anyone wanting to know how to stay inspired to create and put things out would be to plan ahead, write things down, do things that leave you feeling inspired, don’t wait for inspiration to strike before you start, find ways of creating that work for you, do what you do because you enjoy it and lastly take breaks.

What helps you stay inspired?

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