Reflecting on 3 months of weekly blogging

It might not seem like much 3 months ago I committed myself to the habit of posting once a week on my blog, every Sunday.

Prior to this it had been years since I was able to stick to any sort of schedule as I wasn’t even really sure if blogging was something I wanted to continue with.

However, after giving it some thought I realised that what I needed to do was make some changes to my site in terms of its appearance and the content that I was posting. And so 3 months later here we are.

I’ve written a range of evergreen content under the categories fashion, beauty, blogging and career. What I’m most happy about is that me posting every Sunday has had a trickledown effect.

I now enjoy blogging more than I have for a long-time, I’m excited to create content, I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to improve, I’m posting more on Instagram, I’ve joined a few Sunday evening blogger chats (yes, they still exist) and I’ve even gotten back into commenting on blogs.

I soon came to realise that blogging once a week isn’t difficult but getting into the habit and committing to it is. I went from writing posts on the day and taking last minute photos to scheduling posts a couple of weeks in advance.

Something else that also helped me stick to weekly blogging is my second blog The Daily Gemm which is a writing practice I started at the beginning of this year and as the name indicates I post on it every single day. Being able to keep up with that made me realise that once a week was something I could manage doing.

In remaining consistent I’ve been able to focus more on what I want the overall vibe of WBG to be and how I want that to translate into my Instagram account. I’ve also been able to notice useful things such as what I enjoy writing about the most, what categories I have the most ideas for, the content that is most useful, the category where my content is weakest and the posts that are easiest to take pictures for.

I now have a clearer idea of what I’m doing with my blog and where I’d like to take it. So, moving forward I plan to put more focus on the shopping and career categories. The blogging category will continue as a reflection of my journey and experience in the world of blogging.

Lastly, the fashion category is likely to go because it was the category I had the least ideas for and as much as I enjoy fashion I feel that I can incorporate that content into the shopping category or just in a photo on Instagram.

Overall. I’ve found weekly blogging incredibly beneficial and it’s something I will be continuing with. Over the next month or so expect to see changes to the layout of the site and the categories. Don’t forget to check back next Sunday for a new post or make things easier by subscribing.

Until then, feel free to keep up to date on all things WBG on twitter and Instagram.


  1. Hi Gemm, I found you from Twitter – Congratulations on finding your flow blogging. I’m facing a similar challenge, from tomorrow I’ve committed to a weekly live radio call in show. I hope I can look back in 3 months with some positive stories to tell.


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