Hot desk diary: Anxiety, uncertainty and adjusting

Day 1

It felt like a normal day aside from the fact that I was sitting with people I don’t normally sit with and we all have lockers now instead of cabinets at our desk.

I started the day with a little bit of anticipation over the newness of it all but the feeling left once I’d set up my laptop and started working.

Towards the end of the day I started thinking about the next day. Where would I end up sitting. 

I liked the old way, you could settle down a little. You had a place. Hot-desking feels less personal and like there’s potential for inconvenience.

Day 2

I’m heading to work wondering where and who I’ll end up sitting with. I’d prefer the end of a row as the window might be distracting and the middle means I might be stuck between 2 people I don’t speak to.

I got in earlier than expected and sat in the same place as I did the previous day because there’s comfort in familiarity.

I’m still wondering what the benefits are to going to work and not knowing where you’ll sit. 

Day 3

I power walked to the bus stop and didn’t get a chance to shape my afro before I left l but I managed to get the same desk so I was happy.

I’m realising that I’m resisting this new way of working by always sitting in the same place.

The uncertainty of hot-desking triggers my anxiety.

I’m worried I’ll end up sitting sitting somewhere that I don’t like which sounds silly. But comfort is a big thing for me.

Day 4

New day, same desk.

As I sat at my desk and started chatting to a colleague I came to a realisation. If  I’m ever going to get used to this new way of working i should probably try sitting somewhere new.

If I’m asking the question of what I can do to ease myself into something new one of the first things is not to resist the change.

I have to find a way to embrace it because I can only control how I respond to new situations.

I suppose this hot desking thing just reminds me how ridgid I can be.

Day 5

I went in a little later than usual and sat somewhere new, my world didn’t implode.

Perhaps I can get used to this hot desking thing after all.

A few weeks later

So it turns out that hot-desking isn’t as bad as I thought initially, I just needed time to adjust. There is still a little anxiety every now and again but it’s not so bad that I feel uncomfortable. However I would still say that I prefer things the old way.

Also the daily setting up and packing away feels kind of inconvenient. Obviously hot-desking is perfect for an office space for people that are freelancers/self-employed. As much as I can see that this change is my companies way of adapting to a more modern way of working, I’m yet to see any benefits.

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