The pursuit of the perfect blog post

Being fixated on the idea that you should only publish something that is perfect is rarely ever helpful. I remember various times when I’ve worked on blog posts and spent ages writing, editing, re-editing, reading through the post and then re-reading it to check everything sounds right.

Ironically, it’s those posts that I spend so long on that often don’t do as well as I hoped and so I find myself asking ‘How could this post be as great as I thought it was if it’s doing so poorly?’

Or perhaps, I’ll publish something that I’m happy with but weeks or months later my opinion has changed. I might feel like I should have added more or written less, emphasized certain things, explained myself better or worded things differently so that I could have gotten my message across more clearly.

Then I have times when I’m working on a post but I’m so wrapped up in how great I want it to be that I never actually publish it. I have posts that I wrote 3 years ago that I’ve never published or still haven’t got around to finishing.

From those situations I’ve experienced I’ve come to realise that the pursuit of perfection isn’t a particularly worthy cause.

I’d much rather click publish, be brave and share something rather than get stuck in trying to pursue perfection and ending up disappointed. It plays out like a hamster on a wheel, there is no end. You just keep going around and around, until you’re tired.

It’s not about putting out crap stuff, it’s about not subjecting yourself to something that isn’t benefitting you or getting caught up in ideals, especially when it stops you from sharing content.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about fitting in as a blogger, I never ended up publishing it and now the piece is outdated.

Funnily enough, I started drafting a post about feeling like an outsider in the blogging community a couple of weeks ago and it’s quite similar to the post I’d written about fitting in as a blogger. But I haven’t published it or even gotten around to finishing it but I will.

I’m working on getting better on putting stuff out and maybe a few months later my feelings will have changed and if that’s the case I’ll update it or just write a new post. I’m slowly getting better at not allowing my own self judgement to get in the way of sharing things.

“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.”

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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