3 Simple ways to make your work life easier

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Today I’m sharing 3 things I started doing after I began working full-time. I didn’t find the adjustment particularly difficult but working a 9 to 5 was something new to me. I think the biggest adjustment I had to make was giving up most of my free time, something I hadn’t had to do for a while (granted it was in exchange for money and starting my ‘career’).

There are a few things I started doing once I started full-time work. I realised that things like being more organised, managing my time better and planning ahead would all make my working life much easier. Below are the 3 things I started doing and how they work for me.

Have a morning routine

I have a set time that I wake up each morning which is then followed by all the tasks I need to do in order to get ready for work. The way you start your morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day. I try to add things like gratitude, mediation, visualisation or even reading into my mornings because they’re good for my well-being.

I feel so much better when I meditate for example than I do scrolling Instagram or just not making time for myself before heading to work. Plus having a set routine means that I don’t really have to think about the getting ready process because after 21 days it just becomes habitual and I’ve been doing it for over 18 months now.

Preparing your clothes for the week ahead

I once shocked someone when I told them that on Sunday evenings I plan my 5 work outfits for the week ahead. I don’t do it every week but when I do, it never fails to make my morning easier. Having my outfit planned means that I don’t have to waste time thinking about what to wear with my floral, flute sleeved sheer blouse because the decision has already been made.

Even if I don’t plan my outfits exactly, I still like to select and steam a bunch of clothes that I can mix and match so I at least have a rough idea of what I’ll be wearing. Plus, because they’re all in black, white, grey or blue I can pretty much pair any top with any trousers which means I don’t have to think much about the outfit I put together.

I also like to extend this to packing my bag on Sundays because there’s nothing worse than rushing around on a Monday morning because I can’t find one of my desk essentials or anything else I need to take with me.

Write a Monday morning todo list

One of the last things I do on a Friday before leaving the office is write a list of what I need to do first on Monday morning. It might be to have a chat about some work with a colleague, respond to an email, read a document etc. I find that when I write things down on Friday when I’m back in the office on Monday it’s all there in front of me and I don’t have to spend time settling back in and figuring out what needs to be done.


As you can see there is an overall theme between all these tasks: saving time and thinking less. That benefits me because I can put that time and energy into other things. I notice a big difference in the weeks where I don’t implement these things and that’s when you’ll find me running out the door with my shirt not quite buttoned up, hoping I haven’t forgotten anything.


  1. Great advise! 😁 I definitely find writing a to do list on Friday’s so helpful!

    But I need to work on my morning routine, I end up rushing, when realistically I should just get up that 15 mins earlier haha!


    • Thanks for commenting! I totally get you, I find it helpful to set 2 alarms so I don’t have to get out of bed as soon as I wake up!


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