If boots could talk

Oh the things they’ve seen and the places they’ve gone. The favourite of all my footwear, my trapeze heeled, rounded square toe ankle boots.

It’s quite the life they’ve lived thus far: dates, dinner and dancing.

When I first tried them on I fell in love with the simplicity and the little details like the almost black shade of brown, the zip at the back instead of the side, the trapeze shaped heel and the subtle squared toe.

It’s as if they could have been put out on display in a gallery.

But instead I display them on my feet as I strut down streets, up stairs and through hallways.

I created the photo-series below over a year ago, when I first bought the boots. It was inspired by getting dressed or undressed.

I took the photos myself and I love the way they turned out. However, what would have made the images even better is if I’d have used more props and also put more focus on the story the pictures could tell rather than just showing off the boots.

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