5 Tips for Instagram growth

I recently started listening to the Influencer podcast and the conversation in episode 2 was with Puno the creator of PeopleMap ‘An IG Marketing Tool developed for creatives, micro-influencers, & brand’.

The conversation was about Instagram and they shared a few tips that I quite liked because they were things anyone can do to get more out of Instagram.

Engage with the audience of people similar to you
This is a case of ‘people like us do things like this’. In terms of having a strategy it makes sense to engage with people you know will already be interested in your kind of content. Seth said something on a podcast about not trying to get people interested that aren’t already interested. It’s like preaching to the non believers.

Post comments that extend the conversation
Posting love it, cute outfit,  so cute and adding heart eye emojis and exclamation marks at the end is a lazy way to comment on fact it’s what not comments look like. Nothing too specific that can be used interchangeably on millions of images. What takes a little more time but in turn is also more meaningful is to actually give genuine thought to your comment. Engage as though you’re on conversation rather than just making a passing comment

Add your city, email and what you do to your bio
This is simply just for anyone that comes across your profile to know what you do, where your based and how to get in contact with you. It’s useful for if you want brands to easily be able to contact you.

Create your own hash tags for your brand
I think they can be 2 types, ones for you personally e.g. #wordsbygemm which isn’t likely to be used by others (unless perhaps they used a quote of mine) or ones for your community like #weshopsmall. Having hashtags that others can use is a great way to grow your personal brand and build a community.

Be strategic with time you spend on Instagram
Maybe set a timer for half an hour and tell yourself in that time you’ll post 20 comments. In general a useful practice is to give yourself a purpose for why you’re using the app and no scrolling mindlessly is not a justifiable reason.

The sad truth is that many of us waste away hours on social media and come away from it with nothing in return. It’s interesting that once people gain a certain number of followers they’ll say that they only use the app to post their image and maybe reply to comments.

I’ve tried out these tips and can honestly say that they definitely make a difference. Granted I haven’t been consistent with them but they are worth trying.

If you do give them a go I’d love to know how they work out for you or if you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them below.

If you’re looking for more advice check out my posts on blogging tips and working with brands.

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