Bloomtown and the importance of where you spend your money

Body and bath oil- £10.00, Clay mask – £12.00, Roll-on Infused oils – £4.80

Spending money on friends businesses, black businesses or companies that support countries or causes that I also care about is something that has become very important to me over the past couple of years.

But even from my teenage years, I remember wanting to have a network of people that I can pay when I want photos taken, new clothes, a website designed, new homeware items or hair products and so on.

I’m not where I want to be with my goal but so far I’ve discovered some awesome brands/businesses that are worth checking out.

Hair Popp – A marketing agency that focuses on connecting hair enthusiasts with brands. I’ve bought hair products through their site, discovered new brands and come across events being held in my city.

The Biographies – In their own words they are ‘ your one-stop-shop to buy ‘black’‘. I’ve purchased a mug and makeup from their site and I was happy with all my items. I love that through one site I can support black owned businesses in one place rather than ordering from multiple sites.

Wild Cinnamon Cards – A brand selling multicultural greeting cards as well as playing cards and mugs. I bought my sister a card from this brand for her graduation as well as a mug for myself that is one of my favourites.

Bloomtown – A Palm oil free, vegan and cruelty free body and skincare company. I’ve been shopping from them for a couple of years now and will continue to do so because not only are their products amazing, they also have great customer service.

I love the scents of the Bloomtown products I’ve tried so far and the roll-on oil featured above is one I have re-purchased. Not only do I love the smell (The Hedgerow – Blackberry & Honeysuckle) but it’s the perfect size to take with me no matter how small my bag is.

It’s not about supporting companies just because they’re black or just because I met the person behind the brand. For me, it’s that I’d rather seek out and support smaller growing brands that I genuinely love rather than just put my money into the big companies.

I’m learning the importance of where you spend your money through the people I meet and the brands I discover because it means so much more to buy my lip balm from Bloomtown than it does to pick up a Carmex from Superdrug.

As a young black woman I want to use the money I earn to support other black people whether that is buying a ticket to an event, supporting a go fund me or just buying their products.

I want to get to the point where buying black is a my norm not something I do as a special one off every now and then.

I also regularly buy items from Akoma, a company that provides jobs and helps change the lives of people in Ghana which I think is amazing.

The things you buy can help support a persons goal or their creativity. It’s a two-way thing and I feel proud to buy things from people I know or have met and companies that are doing great things.

It’s not about never shopping from big companies ever again but instead putting more thought into where you put your money.

What’s your favourite smaller business to support?

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