2019 Trends: Snake Invasion

Camisole, Purse and Shoes – New Look, Bag – House of Fraser

Animal print has been a trend that never really goes away but over the past couple of years has been brought to the fashion forefront. Most recently it’s snake print in particular that has grown in prominence and has in-fact managed to slither it’s way to the top.

From flares to footwear and crop tops to camisoles, no item has escaped the snake invasion. I never thought I’d be a fan of snake print outside of the common black/beige, so I was surprised to find that I had managed to grow a colourful collection.

I don’t think that snake print has had it’s popularity moment in the past and I think it’s interesting the way these trends come about or resurface.

All of a sudden you can find yourself wearing things you never thought you’d wear.

Although I have mixed feelings about fashion, I do think that there’s something special about the culture created from it.

Actively following trends is an act of conformity but for a lot of people what we wear is a form of self-expression. If you’re a snake print skeptic try giving it a go. You don’t need to dive in with neon green flares (as seen on the Off White catwalk), start small with a bag or boots in neutral tones and then take it from there.

What are your thoughts on this trend, to snake or not to snake?

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