Why beauty reviews are still relevant on blogs

Towards the end of last year, I’d been looking to purchase some new beauty items. I had a few items waiting in baskets online but before clicking purchase I decided to check out some product reviews as I wanted more information on the products before I decided to spend my money.

It’s funny because perhaps only a couple of months ago, I’d been thinking that beauty content on blogs was now pointless because it could go on Instagram instead.

Although, despite having those thoughts I’d never used Instagram to search for product reviews. I also thought it was interesting that I’d never gone to YouTube to look for product reviews either. Perhaps because watching a video would take up much more of my time than a blog post would.

But sadly for some of what I was looking for I couldn’t find any reviews. That’s what made me realise that there is still an incredible amount of value in blog posts that review beauty items.

As great as Instagram is, you can’t search several hashtags at once (for example #lizearle #beautyreview) without using an external site like SocialRank or hashtag pirate. Also even if #lizearlereview has been used, you then have search through the photos and read the captions and there is no guarantee that whatever is in the caption will be as detailed as a blog post.

Basically Instagram requires much more work than just typing ‘Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser review’ into google, where you’re likely to find something useful in the first 5 results.

So to all the people that write beauty content, thank you! And a special thanks goes to the person behind this Liz Earle review, it was exactly what I was looking for.

A mini review

I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to skincare but I find that the 2 things that have the biggest impact are diet and water intake.

However I can definitely say that I do like the Liz Earle products featured in the image of this post. My only gripe would be that the moisturiser isn’t the best for my skin type. It’s for dry/sensitive skin and perhaps the normal/combination product would have worked better for me.

Where do you go for beauty reviews?

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