Omo Lola earrings and being inspired

I’m teaching myself to be a little more interesting with the photos I take and these ones featuring the jewellery were inspired by the brand Oracle Fox. What I love the most is that I was able to be inspired without directly mimicking the photos from the Oracle fox blog or Instagram account.

I think that’s important when it comes to the things that inspire or influence us, that we’re not just using other peoples creativity as a shortcut to our own false creativity because we’re not being open enough to explore and experiment for ourselves.

I first came across Omolola jewellery through @saabirahlawrence on Instagram. After checking out the site myself I was a little bit in love and found it quite the challenge to whittle my online basket down to less than ten items.

Omo Lola is a black owned brand created by siblings, they sell jewellery inspired by West African art and culture.

I wanted to share a few of my favourites that I purchased last year:

Olu – £20

I picked this pair because they really caught my eye and I like that they are inspired by the traditional Benin mask. They’re a great statement earring and they looked amazing when I wore them out to a birthday dinner not too long ago.

Ife – £8

Hands are a very important symbol for me so I just knew I had to purchase these earrings when I saw them. They’re pretty simple which I like and I’ve gotten compliments whenever I’ve worn them which is a nice bonus.

Ope – £7.50

I liked these earrings for their shape plus I haven’t seen any like them before and I think they look really good with my current little afro.

You can shop Omo Lola jewellery here and follow them on Instagram @omolola


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