5 Practical blogging tips from successful fashion bloggers

I recently re-watched the show Fashion Bloggers and it completely reignited my love for blogging. The show is based around 5 of Australias top fashion bloggers (Harper and Harley, Zanita, Shine by three (now known as Margaret Zhang), Oracle Fox and Katewaterhouse.com) and gives a behind the scenes look into what bloggers actually do.

There were loads of tips on the show that I thought were helpful and worth sharing. Each tip is something I picked up from the show which I’ve explained in detail and added an action at the end. I thought it was important to add an action because gives you a starting point for how you can practically make use of the advice.

Treat your blog as a brand

Having a person at the forefront of a blog can make it difficult for it to be seen as a brand. But for many bloggers (even if they don’t know it) their blog is a brand. They create content, work with brands, promote products and have regular readers.

Who is your target audience, what do people get from your blog, are your blog and social media consistent in name and content?

These kinds of questions can help improve your online presence and become clearer with what you’re putting out. When you treat your blog as a brand it will allow you to hone your content and overall aesthetic.

It might be useful to read a book on marketing or branding or even just do some online research to learn more because after all knowledge is power.

ACTION: Close your eyes and visualise what your successful blog will be like. What do your photos look like, what kind of content do you share, what brands do you promote, who are your readers, what do you have to offer? Then open your eyes and make notes (and a Pinterest board or collage), work towards bringing that vision to life.

Sunglasses: New Look

Work with a blogger friend and take photos of each other

A simple but useful tip for those that can’t afford a photographer. It’s also quite nice if you aren’t 100% confident with posing as you’ll both be doing it so it might help take the pressure off. If you don’t have a blogger friend try getting to know people by interacting more online and at events or meetups.

ACTION: Suggest meeting up to take photos for each other with a blogger you get chatting to at an event. Another option is to reach out to bloggers in your city that you follow and interact with on social media.

Do things outside of blogging that still relate back to your brand (or future goals)

Things like organising an event, speaking at a panel and on a grander scalecollaborating to create products with a brand (think Inthefrows’ Strathberrybag collection or Harper and Harleys’ Tony Bianco shoe collection).

People have come to realise that they can use their online platforms to take them into other areas and once you put yourself out there physically and digitally that is often when more opportunities become available to you.

Also, doing things outside of blogging helps grow your brand as I think for most bloggers you don’t just want to be known in the blogging world. You want to be known in the industry of whatever you blog about whether that is fashion, beauty, food, travel, fitness, finance, wellness or mental health.

ACTION: Get involved in things going on in your city, be proactive and look for opportunities. Even just attending events within your blog niche is useful and they don’t have to be blogging events.

No Hot Ashes band pin

Think about how you can show things in an interesting way

Sticking to trends is easy to do because it’s just like following instructions. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to follow trends instead of trying new things and experimenting which is where the magic happens.

I’m not bashing people who go to the ‘blogger hotspots’ but I will say that when you essentially just recreate photos that others are bloggers are taking you don’t give yourself room for your own creativity.

Oracle Fox for me is a prime example of showing things in an interesting way. There is an image from the Instagram account that I adore where Amanda Shadforth (creative director of Oracle Fox) is sitting in a shopping trolley holding a dior bag.

It’s not the most complex thing in the world but it is interesting, I haven’t forgotten it and I still look at it months later.

ACTION: Get an item and come up with a few ways to photograph it. For example, with a perfume bottle, you could have it in a flat lay of jewelry and lipstick or set it up on top of a stack of coffee table books or even outside on the grass surrounded by flowers.

You don’t need to always look to others for how to do things sometimes just delve inwards and see what you can come up with yourself.

Earrings: Omo Lola jewellry ‘Olu’ and ‘Ife’

Hone in and fine tune what you like

I personally don’t believe that you have to have this solid niche set in stone when you start out, its something that develops over time through consistently creating.

I used to blog little snippets of my day of the random things I got up to kinda like a vlog but in written form but I no longer do that because I prefer writing about topics that prompt more thought and I can use Instagram stories to share little bits of my day (which I do quite a bit).

Over time you can tell what people enjoy seeing, what gets the most interaction and then you just balance that with what you enjoy creating. Or you can be more strategic, once you know what you want your online platform to be based around focus only on that.

For example a lifestyle blogger who wants to be go down the luxury route, or a fashion blogger who wants to focus on sharing affordable and thrifted items or a craft blogger who wants to focus on revamping old clothes.

ACTION: Perhaps every few months do a little audit of your content. What topics have you been posting about, what did you enjoy creating the most and what did well.

I think asking those questions regularly whilst you’re still finding your feet in terms of where you want your content to be focused is incredibly helpful. What also helps is to post regularly your niche or content focus.

I hope you found this helpful, feel free to leave any more blogging tips below. If you’re looking for tips for working with brands check out this post here.

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