21 Things to do on a Sunday

Oh sweet Sunday, how I love thee.

Ever since I started working full-time Sunday has become my favourite day of the week. I have this theory that time passes differently on Sundays as I always have time for both work and play. I get to spend time on my hobbies, relax and prep myself for the week ahead.

From cuddles with a lover to catching up with a friend, taking a moment to mediate or planning for the week ahead. Here’s 21 things to do on a Sunday.

Read your favourite blogs

Even after 6 years, I still love reading blogs.  Some of my current favourite blogs are are Ebba Zingmark, Inthefrow and The little plum.

Read a book

There have been so many Sunday mornings spent in bed with a cup of tea and a good book. It’s nice to allow yourself the time to relax and be immersed in the story being told or information you’re receiving.

Watch YouTube videos

I’ve been loving vlogs and fashion content on YouTube lately. A few channels I’d recommend are Steal The Spotlight, Rachel Nguyen, Rachel Aust, Inthefrow, and Lizzy Hadfield.

Go for a walk in the park

I’m lucky to have quite a few parks and open green spaces within a 15-minute walk from where I live. Taking a walk is not only good exercise but also a great way to clear your head. Sometimes I’ll put my headphones in and listen to music and other times I just enjoy the quiet sounds of being surrounded by trees and water.

Pack your bag

Whether off to work or uni, wherever it may be, packing your bag the day before always makes the morning easier. There’s nothing worse than rushing round on Monday morning looking for your keys or your calculator (that’s been me more times than I’d like to admit).

Do some ironing

I’m probably the only person that likes ironing and I don’t even really know why. Perhaps I just like these kinds of mundane tasks or maybe a sense of satisfaction seeing my clothes well pressed. I usually put on music or a podcast whilst ironing which makes it even more enjoyable.

Make smoothies

I love the process of making a smoothie, probably because I just like making things in general. I like a simple 2 oranges and 1 apple combo as that’s the fruit we always have at home.

Play your favourite albums

I love listening to albums from start to end (without skipping a single song) and I like having the music playing in the background whilst I’m doing other tasks. I’ve been listening to Yumeno Garden by the last dinosaurs, Primal Heart by Kimbra and Girasoul by Pell.

Paint your nails

This is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. It’s relaxing and almost therapeutic for me. After falling in love with pastel shades this past spring and summer, I’m now much more into muted tones and currently have Barry M ‘bespoke’ on my nails.

Plan outfits for the week ahead

I like to plan my work outfits to avoid having to think about it each day in the week, it makes my life so much easier and saves me time when I’m getting ready at the start of each day.

Write a to-do list for the coming week 

Not something I do every week but it’s definitely helpful. I usually just have a tick list on my phone that pops up each day so that I’m reminded of the things I planned to do.

Wax and pluck your brows

I’ve never gotten my brows done professionally, I just do them myself. I try not to shape them too much as I prefer minimal maintenance. Usually I just neaten up the space between my brows and the outer bottom of my brows.

Do some online shopping

Sunday is the perfect day to spend time browsing stores online. Writing a shopping list before you start looking is a simple tip to keep you focused on what you need and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Take photos for your blog

It’s pretty much the only day I tend to do blog photos. I’ll take out my fabric, jewellery, books, magazine pages, clothes, makeup etc and arrange things and then snap away. I really enjoy putting stuff together for photos but not so much the mess I always end up making in the process.

Put on a face mask

I love the act of applying a mask then leaving it to work its magic for however long it takes. I just find the whole thing relaxing which is exactly what Sundays are all about (for me anyway).

Get breakfast with a friend

Catching up over food is always fun. Sunday is a great day to talk about the past week and also plans for the week ahead.

Go food shopping

I love food shopping. I’m not the biggest foodie but I like perusing the supermarket aisle with my basket or trolley picking out my favourite foods.

Work on blog posts

Sundays are the day of the week I spend the most time working on my blog. I usually plan and draft things throughout the week and spend Sundays fleshing out ideas and editing.

Tidy your closet

This is always an ongoing task for me. Try as I might, I’m never able to keep my closet tidy for more than a week or so. I’ve been known to remove almost half the contents of my closet in the process of deciding what to wear, only to go back to my usual black wide leg pants and navy oversized shirt.

Do a guided meditation

Nothing compares to the feeling after mediating. I feel refreshed and my body feels physically lighter. What I love about meditation is that just 10 minutes is enough to make a major difference, so you can still make time for it even when you’re busy.

Cuddle in bed or on the sofa

Sometimes just being curled up against a lover talking about little things or even not at all, is the perfect thing to do on a Sunday.

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

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