This for that: 3 words to switch

I’m really into mind management which is basically the act of managing your own mind, for me it’s about doing things to help adapt your mind for better living.

One of the things that I have learnt is that the words we use hold great significance. Over the past few months, I noticed that a few of the people I followed online had all shared things about switching one word for another and the impact that it can have.

First up is Seth Godin who said to switch But for And.

E.g.- ‘I want to share my blog with more people that I know in real life but I’m scared.’ Becomes ‘I want to share my blog with more people that I know in real life and I’m scared.’

I think it sounds so much better when you make the switch because the use of ‘but’ feels like a limitation, almost like an excuse. Whereas ‘and’ sounds like the 2 statements can coexist.

Next up is Marie Forleo who proposed switching Cant for Don’t.

E.g.- ‘I can’t stay in bed all day watching YouTube.’ Becomes ‘I don’t stay in bed all day watching YouTube.’

This is useful for anytime you have the option to do something you don’t want or need to do. It’s great to use when you’re trying to remove certain habits from your life. It’s not that you ‘can’t’ do it, it’s that you ‘don’t’ as though that thing is no longer part of who you are. I think that sort of mentality is helpful for when you’re getting rid of old habits.

Last is Maryam Hasnaa with switching Should for Choose.

E.g.- ‘I should be more consistent with my blog’ becomes ‘I choose to be more consistent with my blog.’

This is one of my favourite switches. ‘Should’ really sounds like you’re already making an excuse whereas ‘choose’ sounds like you’re in control.

These 3 word switches are great ways to make simple improvements to the way you think about things. You might not say them out loud, you might use them when journaling or through the voice of your inner-monologue. Either way they’re worth a try.

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