Heading North: Escape to Ayr

It wasn’t a question of where, it was a question of when. Hours were spent browsing online. The most likely decision was to go to the coast, down south. But in a moment of spontaneity she said “Let’s head north.”

It was around 1.20am on a Monday morning when she she dragged her suitcase out of the house and into the boot of the car. She climbed into the back seat and stared out of the window into the dark of night. She was looking forward to leaving her life behind to spend a few days in the Scottish countryside.

When she arrived at the station the coach was right on time. She boarded and soon drifted off into a slumber which she awoke from shortly after.

She gazed out of the window the scenery slowly becoming clear and the colours more vivid as night turned to day.

She had no idea where she was but she felt at ease knowing that she was getting further and further from home, heading north. This was to be her great escape.

She saw hills so high they reached the reached the clouds. The clouds seemed to hang much lower up north, as though they were within reach. There were fields of sheep marked red and fields of grazing cattle, with pylons scattered throughout. She smiled at the feeling of comfort that came from her surroundings. She was reminded of a place that she fell in love with 14 years ago, a place that felt like home.

At times there was little more than shades of green in sight but then she’d spot a patch of pink flowers, a little stream of water or some little yellow flowers she was certain were tansies.

Finally after almost 10 hours, she arrived at a bus station. She got off the coach and grabbed her suitcase. After typing ‘restaurants near me’ into google maps, she headed to ‘Cecchinis’ an Italian restaurant that was less than 5 minutes away.

In July 2018 I visited Ayr in Scotland and ate at a restaurant called Cecchinis which is located at 72 Fort Street, Wellington Square, Ayr, KA7 1EH .

The food was amazing and the staff were friendly and attentive which is something that I pay close attention to as someone with previous hospitality experience.

‘Situated on Wellington Square, Cecchini’s Ayr is in the town centre and only a few minutes stroll from Ayr beach. Here in the heart of Burns country you can dine on authentic Tuscan dishes in our restaurant or simply order a good Scottish beef burger with chips and salad in the bar.’

The only downside is that it’s located over 230 miles from home.

Have you visited Scotland before?

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