Things I’m learning #3

Over the past few weeks through conversations with various people I noticed that they held these not particularly positive views of themselves that have no direct correlation with my perception of them.

It reminded me of myself growing up. I used to view myself in a negative light and assumed others did too. I had low self-esteem and struggled to take compliments or praise. Then as I got older, read lots of books and got into certain practices I came to the realisation that I am amazing and that I love myself tremendously.

I used to have a real issue with the way I looked, being ugly with a squishy face was a challenge to accept. However, now I’m more in the mindset that I look the way I look and that’s it. Of course, I have days where I feel more or less beautiful but I don’t allow that to change the way I feel about myself overall.

On the other hand, other people have told me I’m intelligent, cute, intimidating etc and I find it so interesting because for the most part I don’t really think about myself in that way. I don’t have the same self-esteem issues I did growing up, I’m just much less focused on being a certain type of way or how I’m perceived.

What lessons have you learnt lately?

‘I dunno,’ Arthur said. ‘I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I’ve learnt.’
The Solid Mandala

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