Things I’m learning #1

I’ve always liked to write about my experiences and the things that I’m learning as I go through life. A few weeks I had the idea for a series where I share a few paragraphs on a lesson that I’ve learnt. I think in a years time it’ll be really nice to look back at things I’ve been through and what they’ve taught me.

People get caught up in the moment, in themselves, the intoxication and say things that they don’t really mean. I’ll admit that maybe I get a little caught up sometimes too but I’ve always loved declarations of love, expressions of vulnerability and intimate exchanges of humanness through speech.

I am and always have been a feelings person, a romantic and a dreamer, words mean a lot to me. But I’m learning that not everyone else is like me in that regard. Some people can with a sense of great ease muster up the words to entice and enthrall; as though their words are a sort of sweet tune that lures you into the mountains.

Lately, I’ve become much more cautious about taking in what people say as fact especially when their actions don’t coincide. In fact, sometimes peoples actions completely clash with the things that they say.

So that’s it for the first in this series, could you relate? What have you learnt lately?

‘I dunno,’ Arthur said. ‘I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I’ve learnt.’
The Solid Mandala

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