November 2017

Welcome to my monthly series where I share with you the things I’ve stopped and started doing over the past month.

If you missed last months post catch up here.

November is coming to an end which means we’re now getting into the last month of the year. 2017 is almost OVER guys! November was a pretty slow month for me, I didn’t end up doing as much as I’d have liked to but I’ve been very happy.


5.45 AM

I have some pretty unhelpful habits when it comes to my sleep, one of which includes setting my alarm for way earlier than I plan to get out of bed. However this month I stopped setting my alarm for 5.45am and I’ve been sleeping alot better. If I end up having a late night in the week I no longer have to worry about getting less than 6 hours of sleep.


I’ve stopped holding onto unspoken expectations. Holding people to expectations that they aren’t even aware of is a little bit ridiculous and it rarely ends well. You just end up disappointed with only yourself to blame. I’m currently learning to just let people be and it feels great. Letting go of unspoken expectations is a mutual exchange because I don’t want unspoken expectations placed on me either.



I finally got round to starting Power during the middle of the month and I was hooked, straight away. I love that the show isn’t predictable and I think it does a good job of mixing the action with the relationships. Tommy is my favourite character for sure because he’s wild and reckless whilst still being sweet and funny.


So, I actually have a whole separate blog post coming on this topic. It’s something that I used to really enjoy doing. After getting back into leaving comments again, I don’t even really know why I stopped doing it in the first place.

What TV shows have you been watching lately?


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