Creating with the future in mind

Being able to write blog posts that can be read today, tomorrow, next week, next month and even next year is a great skill to have. I don’t think that every post has to be long-term or have a long-term intention. I think it’s also good to have posts that are written ‘in the moment’ and are ‘spontaneous’ because sometimes those posts are the ones that end up standing the test of time.

Overall I think that a major part of creating a blog with longevity is creating content that people will read long after you click publish. This could be because it still holds relevance or interest in months to come or it may be the kind of content that people are regularly hunting for through search engines.

My favourite example of a blog with long-term content is by Seth Godin. Every week I find myself reading though his old posts from months or even years ago. Last week I read one of his posts from 2010 and despite it being 7 years old I still found it useful.

Another more well known example (within the lifestyle blogging world) would be the blog inthefrow. It’s the kind of blog that you can trawl through when in need of inspiration. Each post is like a magazine article so reading an old one is just like flicking through a magazine from a while back. It’s a blog that manages a great balance between current and long term content and definitely worth checking out.

Creating with the future in mind is something that I’m still working on with my own blog but what I know is I don’t want to create disposable, throw away content that is irrelevant tomorrow. I’ve started putting a lot more effort into my words and ideas because I know that it takes time and practise to create content that is evergreen. So for now I’m writing, clicking publish and learning along the way.

Have you ever created disposable content?

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