The end of summer

Summer was a daze of dancing, music, laughter and friends. It was the last hurrah before closing one chapter and starting another.

‘Summer will end soon enough and childhood as well’

-George R. R. Martin, A game of thrones.

Summer was catch ups with old friends, looking back and looking forward, hoping that we’ll still exist as us in the years to come. Summer was long walks home with familiar strangers, laughing at things that weren’t funny at all, hoping to capture that sweet moment for eternity whilst simultaneously feeling it all slip away. Summer was accepting that things are changing and that things will continue change. With change comes growth and excitement and who wants a life without that?

I’m looking forward to the new stage in my life because I’ve been working towards it for a long time. I feel like some of the people around me thought that I was naive or too persistent for not giving up on my particular aim. But, I worked hard for it, I prayed for it, I even cried for it. I wanted to be someone who believed in themselves and went after what they wanted despite the difficulties and setbacks. So, I gave it go.

The end of summer marks the beginning of me stepping out and joining the big wide world.

It’s like I once wrote 6 or so years ago:

‘I used to sit and watch the world but now the world is looking back’

So cheers to the end of summer, to the past, present and the future.


What’s been the highlight of your summer?


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