Fresh Naturals: Pomegranate & Vitamin E Face Duo review


This product is part of Fresh Naturals Face Duo range and can be used as both a face mask and a cleanser. The order came with a sheet of instructions on how to apply and remove the product depending on your choice of use which I think was useful. The product smells pleasant and it actually reminds me a little of yogurt.

When using the product as a face mask I applied it using my fingers. The product had a nice thick consistency making it easy to apply to my skin as a face mask. I did find that my fingers were tinged slightly pink after using them for application however this was not something that took away from the overall quality of the product. I left the product on my face for a short while and when I washed it off my skin felt soft, clean, refreshed and not at all dry. The product is described as ‘super moisturising’ which I agree with as well as ‘rejuvenating & hydrating’ which I also feel is true.

When using it as a cleanser first wet my face, then applied a small amount, spreading it thinly over my whole face. I removed the product with a muslin cloth that I also purchased from fresh naturals and soaked it in warm water before hand as suggested. I followed the instructions of removing the product by rubbing in gentle circular motions and found that it did a good job without any harshness.

My only real critique would be that the labelling on the website was not the same as what I received in the post. Also, the label of the product I received says ‘Great for mature skin’ which wasn’t mentioned at all on the website.

The product is priced at £6.50 for 100g which I think is fair and from using the product a little does go a long way. Also it’s a similar price point to other cleansers that I’ve purchased in the past. The product does not contain parabens or artificial fragrances and is certified vegetarian.

Overall I feel that the Pomegranate and Vitamin E Face Duo is of great quality and is definitely something that I would repurchase.

Have you tried anything from fresh naturals before?


    • Haha! It was my first time purchasing from them and I’m pleased with everything so far and the prices are great too! Thanks x


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