Creativity never leaves you

A couple of years ago, whilst working in a cafe I met an Irish woman. I spoke to her about my career aspirations and how I felt caught between pursuing maths/science and something more creative. At the age of 18 I felt as though I had to make a choice and let one go. But I wasn’t ready to decide. Maths/science brought up feelings of conformity  whilst my creative plans came with feelings of uncertainty.

I barely knew the woman yet she listened to me patiently and kindly. She reminded me that I was still young  and didn’t need to put so much pressure on myself. Of all the conversations that we had, it was a 4 word passing comment that stuck out as the most important of all.

When she spoke those words I realised that going down a more academic route would not cause my creativity to cease to exist or to shrivel up and die, not unless I let it. Reflecting on those words taught me that my real choice wasn’t between maths/science + creativity. Instead the choice was whether or not I was willing to pursue my interests without placing labels and limitations upon myself.

When was the last time you had a difficult decision to make?


  1. Oh Wow ! What a wise woman. She helped you understand a perspective that we usually don’t even realize exists ! Those were some words to live by actually. I’m really impressed !

    P.S I love the outlook of your new blog. So rad !


    • I think meeting that woman was one of those ‘meant to be’ moments in life and it’s definitely a memory I cherish. Thanks Zee!


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