When I heard about Johns campaign, I was happy for the opportunity to get involved. I’ve always used my blog as a way to document who I am along side aspects of my life.

I first started blogging as a teenager with low self-esteem. I didn’t feel like I had a voice worth being heard, so I started writing and overtime realised that my voice was worth something after all. Blogging gave me the confidence to let myself be heard and embrace my individuality. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder who I’d be without it.

I’m a big supporter of allowing people the freedom to express themselves and that is what so many of us do as bloggers. We have our own lives and experiences and we’re diverse in age, gender, sexuality, race, abilities culture and so on. Whether we write about personal development, makeup, fashion, food, fitness, wellness, daily life, technology or crafts at the end of the day it’s all self expression.

We’re all just people united by the belief that we have something worth sharing.

As a blogger that regularly uses social media, sometimes it does seem that the dominant blogger type is a white female lifestyle (beauty, fashion, food and travel) blogger. But I’m very much aware that there is so much more out there. The fact that I notice all this highlights the importance of seeking out and supporting a more diverse range of bloggers. I love reading and learning about other peoples experiences and opinions. You don’t need to be like someone to enjoy their content. You don’t need to follow ‘blogging rules’ to be a good blogger, its about sharing your story, ideas, interests or vision.

‘…in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.’ -Maya Angelou



Fresh Naturals: Pomegranate & Vitamin E Face Duo review


This product is part of Fresh Naturals Face Duo range and can be used as both a face mask and a cleanser. The order came with a sheet of instructions on how to apply and remove the product depending on your choice of use which I think was useful.The product smells pleasant and it actually reminds me a little of yogurt.

When using the product as a face mask I applied it using my fingers. The product had a nice thick consistency making it easy to apply to my skin as a face mask. I did find that my fingers were tinged slightly pink after using them for application however this was not something that took away from the overall quality of the product. I left the product on my face for a short while and when I washed it off my skin felt soft, clean, refreshed and not at all dry. The product is described as ‘super moisturising’ which I agree with as well as ‘rejuvenating & hydrating’ which I also feel is true.

When using it as a cleanser first wet my face, then applied a small amount, spreading it thinly over my whole face. I removed the product with a muslin cloth that I also purchased from fresh naturals and soaked it in warm water before hand as suggested. I followed the instructions of removing the product by rubbing in gentle circular motions and found that it did a good job without any harshness.

My only real critique would be that the labelling on the website was not the same as what I received in the post. Also, the label of the product I received says ‘Great for mature skin’ which wasn’t mentioned at all on the website.

The product is priced at £6.50 for 100g which I think is fair and from using the product a little does go a long way. Also it’s a similar price point to other cleansers that I’ve purchased in the past. The product does not contain parabens or artificial fragrances and is certified vegetarian.

Overall I feel that the Pomegranate and Vitamin E Face Duo is of great quality and is definitely something that I would repurchase.

Have you tried anything from fresh naturals before?

Creativity never leaves you

A couple of years ago, whilst working in a cafe I met an Irish woman. I spoke to her about my career aspirations and how I felt caught between pursuing maths/science and something more creative. At the age of 18 I felt as though I had to make a choice and let one go. But I wasn’t ready to decide. Maths/science brought up feelings of conformity  whilst my creative plans came with feelings of uncertainty.

I barely knew the woman yet she listened to me patiently and kindly. She reminded me that I was still young  and didn’t need to put so much pressure on myself. Of all the conversations that we had, it was a 4 word passing comment that stuck out as the most important of all.

When she spoke those words I realised that going down a more academic route would not cause my creativity to cease to exist or to shrivel up and die, not unless I let it. Reflecting on those words taught me that my real choice wasn’t between maths/science + creativity. Instead the choice was whether or not I was willing to pursue my interests without placing labels and limitations upon myself.

When was the last time you had a difficult decision to make?

An introduction

Hello, I’m gemm and welcome to my blog!

They often say that the first post is the hardest and I guess I can admit that it’s true. I guess I should begin by declaring that this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve actually been blogging for a handful of years. However, this summer whilst taking a break from my previous blog, I decided that now was the time to start over. I wanted a clean slate to create content on things that matter to me.

I’ve created this site as a place to share the things I like and the things I’ve learnt. I’ll be covering topics such as style, books and personal-growth. I’ll be posting 1-3 posts a week and my posting days will be Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday. When I’m not posting you can keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram.

I’m pretty excited about starting this new project and I have a lot of really interesting and useful content to share. Over the next few weeks some of what I’ll be sharing will include vegan skincare products, my past experiences as a blogger, staying inspired, my opinion on self-help books and products that are part of my daily routine.

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