Eness Cosmetics review

In august I attended the store launch of 2 new ranges (Cocoa butter and Olive and Avocado) at Eness Cosmetics in Birmingham. At the end of the event I was given a bag of products to try out.

Eness is a company that heavily focuses on the ethics behind their products guaranteeing them to contain natural ingredients, have a sustainable formula, be vegan friendly and cruelty free. Eness also supports the Save the Rhino trust in Namibia so purchasing their products means you’re making a contribution to a worthy cause.

The first thing I noticed about the products was the packaging. It’s simple with a lovely illustration. They’re the kind of products that look perfect on display. The prices of the new range starts at £6.50 for hand cream and goes up to £15 for diffusers.

eness cocoa butter olive oil avocado

Cocoa Butter hand wash £8.50

The hand wash is of great quality. The cocoa butter scent is quite strong but as I liked the scent I didn’t mind. The soap lathered well without being too excessive to the point of drying my hands out. In fact it was moisturising and left my hands feeling soft. It’s the ind of soap that I would recommend for people if their day involves regularly washing their hands.

Cocoa Butter Body oil £12.50 full-size

This products was great to put on my skin after showering and the cocoa butter smell lingered for a while after applying. The oil itself was light and rubbed into my skin with ease without leaving it looking greasy or leaving a heaviness on my skin.

Cocoa Butter body lotion £12.00

I was a big fan of this product of all the ones that I’ve tried for an array of reasons. Firstly I loved the smell of it. Secondly it’s a moisturising lotion. In the past I’ve found certain lotions to be drying on my skin or they only feel moisturising for a short while. However this product was great because it left my skin feeling soft. Some of the active ingredients include coconut water, cocoa butter and Vitamins E, A and C. I was surprised to see in the full list of ingredients included vegetable oil but after doing a bit of research read that it works well on dry skin.

Olive and Avocado hand lotion £6.50

I love the fresh scent if this hand lotion and find that it works well. I’ve been carrying it with me to work to use throughout the day. I’ve found it moisturising and it’s become one  of my regular products.

eness olive oil avocado hand lotion

Eness Cosmetics is located at 4 Cannon street, Birmingham. You can also order from their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

*I was gifted these products for review purposes but all opinions are my own

The end of summer

Summer was a daze of dancing, music, laughter and friends. It was the last hurrah before closing one chapter and starting another.

‘Summer will end soon enough and childhood as well’

-George R. R. Martin, A game of thrones.

Summer was catch ups with old friends, looking back and looking forward, hoping that we’ll still exist as us in the years to come. Summer was long walks home with familiar strangers, laughing at things that weren’t funny at all, hoping to capture that sweet moment for eternity whilst simultaneously feeling it all slip away. Summer was accepting that things are changing and that things will continue change. With change comes growth and excitement and who wants a life without that?

I’m looking forward to the new stage in my life because I’ve been working towards it for a long time. I feel like some of the people around me thought that I was naive or too persistent for not giving up on my particular aim. But, I worked hard for it, I prayed for it, I even cried for it. I wanted to be someone who believed in themselves and went after what they wanted despite the difficulties and setbacks. So, I gave it go.

The end of summer marks the beginning of me stepping out and joining the big wide world.

It’s like I once wrote 6 or so years ago:

‘I used to sit and watch the world but now the world is looking back’

So cheers to the end of summer, to the past, present and the future.


What’s been the highlight of your summer?


When I heard about Johns campaign, I was happy for the opportunity to get involved. I’ve always used my blog as a way to document who I am along side aspects of my life.

I first started blogging as a teenager with low self-esteem. I didn’t feel like I had a voice worth being heard, so I started writing and overtime realised that my voice was worth something after all. Blogging gave me the confidence to let myself be heard and embrace my individuality. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder who I’d be without it.

I’m a big supporter of allowing people the freedom to express themselves and that is what so many of us do as bloggers. Continue reading →

Creativity never leaves you

A couple of years ago, whilst working in a cafe I met an Irish woman. I spoke to her about my career aspirations and how I felt caught between pursuing maths/science and something more creative. At the age of 18 I felt as though I had to make a choice and let one go. But I wasn’t ready to decide. Maths/science brought up feelings of conformity  whilst my creative plans came with feelings of uncertainty.

I barely knew the woman yet she listened to me patiently and kindly. She reminded me that I was still youngContinue reading →

An introduction

Hello, I’m gemm and welcome to my blog!

They often say that the first post is the hardest and I guess I can admit that it’s true. I guess I should begin by declaring that this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve actually been blogging for a handful of years. However, this summer whilst taking a break from my previous blog, I decided that now was the time to start over. I wanted a clean slate to create content on things that matter to me.Continue reading →